Here are some pictures of our Family

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A picture of our grandfather, and great-grandfather, along with great-great grandmother, grandmother and some other aunts.Picture taken in the late 1800's
Our family a few years ago at Thanksgiving dinner. Grandmother has since gone home to be with the Lord.Thanksgiving Family Portrait
Our first daughter Tiffany bravely traversing the rope bridge at Busch Gardens.Tiffany at Busch Gardens
Our son Nathan at Edge of Africa at Busch Gardens. He is sitting a few feet from a lion! .Nathan at Edge of Africa
A close up of Nathan.A close up picture of Nathan.
Our newest daughter Cheyenne. Isn't she adorable?Cheyenne, the newest member of the family
Here she is being a little coy.Cheyenne hiding behind a blankey
Here is proud mom - Sharen showing off the little one.Sharen with the baby
And me, Viktor, the father of the little ones above.Viktor, doing a Brady Bunch look
Jana the proud grandmother. You can't keep her away from the kids. She wants to see them all the time.Grandmother with the baby.
My brother the biker with some friends in Washington D.C. recently.Jan with bikers at Stand in the Gap.

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