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Meet Blighter, he entered my life in August of 1997 at about 1 month of age. Close up picture of Blighter
He was so small he fit in an organizing tray. Note the postage stamp next to his ear. Bighter was a tiny little thing.
He is continually showing off his Evil side, hence his first name of "Blighter" and middle name "DeVil". Blighter being his evil self
Oreo, my 10 year old is the one who's life he is a blight upon. Blighter will not leave her alone, so subesquently she has taken to hiding any chance she gets. You'd think a 15 pound cat would not be afraid of a three pound kitten. Blighter with Oreo in a rare truce
Peanut, my first cat, Oreo and Blighter's eldest adopted brother. He has been living with me since Dec. of 1986. Peanut, my 16 pound son. Born in November of 1986.
Blighter, on an elevated vantage point, contemplating spreading his destruction and mayhem on an unsuspecting world. Blighter perched on the scratching post.
Here is Blighter acting like a parakeet at about 4 months old. He just loves to be up high. Blighter's parakeet imitation, hopefully he does not leave a present behind.
How come the toys they enjoy the most are free? Here is blighter with a milk jug ring. Blighter shredding some cow juice bottle parts.
Blighter with his daddy. Aww how cute. Blighter asleep in his daddy's arms.
Hail the conquering cat, err kitten, for now. I think that he wants to be a Puma when he grows up.
He has gotten quite a bit longer in this picture. Here he is about 6 months old. My long kitty attacking a stuffed fish on a string.
The regal kitten reposing in his domain. He thinks he owns the house and all in it. Blighter just vegging out.
Blighter thanks you for visiting and beholding his feline splendor. If they take one more picture I'll go blind!
Here is a picture of Webster, he/she has been living in the corner of the living room for at least 2 years now. My Spider - about 2 inches in diameter.

Hope you liked the show. Bye for now. I'll post more as time goes by.

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